Failure is Good

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Failure is inevitably linked with art – and life for that matter. Well, it’s also linked to success if you think about it. To put it a little harshly; if we don’t experience failures it’s because we don’t live – or we don’t create, when talking about arts. And if we don’t dare to make failure we will never succeed, either.

Life and art is about jumping from an airplane without knowing how a parachute really works, but hoping it will. It’s about taking chances, knowing that often they won’t lead to anything – or at «worst» to failure. I use brackets because failures aren’t necessarily bad. On the contrary; you can use them as stepping stones to learn more, to become better next time, to evolve, to grow. In my post Weakness as Potential Strength I wrote: By figuring out where our weaknesses lie, we can take steps to…

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It’s rude to not introduce myself…

So, how’s it going?

My name is Chloe, and if you hadn’t already gathered this is my blog. Been quite nervous about it, but over the time of me writing posts you’ll hopefully be able to watch me grow with my confidence and learn a lot about the type of girl I am.

I’m 16 and starting sixth form in the following weeks, scary huh? As English Literature is one of the 4 choices I’m taking, and I don’t even as little as read a book, maybe this would be good..maybe?

I’m not your ordinary girl; pink makes me sick!, liquid eyeliner is evil sorcery and heels? Don’t get me started,

I’m sure you’ll learn loads about me throughout my time blogging, so how about I hold my horses* and save it for another post.

Thanks for reading!

* I still don’t know what that phrase means, I just thought I’d let you know

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